Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Everything but the..

I quickly left the Indian restaurant with screaming kids as soon as I finished my meal. In my hand was a ticket to see the movie Tomb Raider – but I needed to purchase some snacks to bring into the movies. I headed toward a grocery store at the mall where I knew the flavor was sold. This one had been my most anticipated flavor since coming to Singapore! It contains a lot of stuff I personally like, so my hopes were set high. Did it deliver? Read on to find out.


Sweetness balance: 6/10
I found the sweetness just a bit too low.

Texture: 6/10
This one is CHUNKY. Perhaps it’s Ben & Jerry’s most packed flavor ever? They’ve really crammed everything into this pint and to be honest, it was a bit difficult to enjoy.

Lives up to description: 9/10
I can taste all the elements!

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 6/10
Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe I had my hopes set too high? Maybe it was the dim light in the cinema degrading the visual experience of eating? I don’t know. But I think that it was just a bit overpowering and too much. So many flavors, and the texture just made it a bit of a sensory overload. So yeah – it’s bold, but maybe just a little too bold.

Overall summary: 27/40 points, which equals a 67% rating. I still recommend trying it just out of pure novelty. I might have to buy it again to form a second opinion..


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