Topman releases male kimono

Topman: I LOVE YOU!

I must confess that I totally dig their male kimonos that hit stores here in Singapore recently. Not sure if it’s a local market thing, but I sure hope that it isn’t – I think that the kimono is one of the most interesting yet unusual garments for men to wear these days.


Traditional men’s kimono

This traditional Japanese garment i loaded with history, and the unique design certainly is appealing to my eye. Topman has modernized the design a bit here to make a bold play at matching the kimono to formal dress shirts! I like it. By making it a bit shorter, thicker and more luxurious fabric, a wearer can choose if he wants to wear is with street wear such as a t-shirt or a formal shirt. Well played, Topman. Here are their models. Like any of them?


I couldn’t find this one on Topman Singapores website. It appears to be a special collaboration with British designer Casely Hayford

Screenshot (53)Screenshot (54)

The most pressing question in my mind is which one I’m buying!

I see Topman going heavily after Zara. Their Chinese new years collection was amazing, and I can’t wait to see what more they can bring to the table now during the spring. They are playing their cards right, in my opinion. The recent “Muscle fit” suits is a promising and VERY welcomed step away from this horrible ultra skinny shit that’s been going on in men’s wear for all too long. One can only hope that others will take the hint and follow.



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