Jim Rohn on success

Screenshot (69)

A short but powerful quote that says so much in just a few words.

I believe that the essence of this quote is to emphasize the importance of having a daily routine of actions that make sure you get a little closer to your goals.

Take the time to put in the extra effort.

The normal flow of life is down stream, but to reach your goals you have to fight the current and swim upstream. You can’t let laziness and inaction win.
Jim also points out that failure is a few errors in judgement repeated daily. So make sure you design your plan and daily routine carefully! You need to look at how you spend your time and ask yourself “is this taking me toward my goal or not?”. Then wisely put together your routine to eliminate any unintentional errors in judgement you might be doing.

I’ve been listening a lot to Jim Rohn. If you are looking for that extra motivation and insight that could improve your life – you don’t want to miss out on his philosophies.

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