Tony Robbins on quality of life

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There is so much wisdom contained in this small sentence from Tony Robbins. If you want to grow as a person and get closer to your dreams, you need to make the conscious choice of deliberately exposing yourself to situations that scare you a little. Step out of your comfort zone! No person ever achieved success by living their life in comfort zone. It’s the place where dreams fade away to die.

The more you can leave/expand your comfort zone, the faster your quality of life will grow. Whenever you get one of those spontaneous ideas to do something in the moment you normally would hesitate about – that’s your subconscious sending you a clue to DO IT! Go talk to that person. Make that call. Stand up and give the small improvised speech. Answer the question hanging in the air. Take a chance and a little risk. Whatever it may be!

Every day, step out of your comfort zone AT LEAST once. Your self esteem will grow. You will meet fantastic people. Your network will expand. New possibilities in your life will increase exponentially. Make this a habit, as a part of you. Declare yourself the kind of person who is not going to let imaginary fear stand in your way. And what is there to fear really? Nothing. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Do NOT let imaginary fear take control of your life and isolate you in the dream killing zone of comfort where you sit back and watch the best opportunities in life pass by. I believe life is best experienced by making the choice to be a participant – not a spectator.

Tony Robbins is one of the world gurus of self improvement, leadership psychology, entrepreneurship and philanthropist. He built his empire from scratch by inspiring, motivating and helping people through seminars, books, events and much more. Check out his stuff to start building your better self!

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