The slow fall of USA (and rise of China) part 2

In the first article, I laid the foundation for the series, and started by bringing up the shift in environmental policy as the first sign of many that America is becoming not so great. In this second part, it’s all about business and how the presidents actions quickly turned the nation’s top corporate leaders against him.

Two councils of top CEO’s crumble apart in protest

Trump started his term as president by setting up a two councils of business advisers stacked with top CEO’s to guide him on manufacturing, trade, jobs creation, etc. I think that was a very smart move! “Surround yourself with the best” is a common method to succeed at anything.

Then Charlottesville happened.

One of the few African American leaders on the council, Kan Frazier from Merck, was the first to jump ship after hearing the president’s views about the Charlottesville events. Trump lashed out by calling Frazier a bad leader and accused him of inflating drug prices. Other CEO’s started resigning from the councils one by one, and it ended with both councils being completely dissolved.


A few of the CEO’s who were on the councils

J.P Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon who was one of the council members, wrote his employees “It is a leader’s role, in business or government, to bring people together, not tear them apart.”. And that’s the core of the problem for USA right now. The actions of the leader is creating more division inside the country, and alienating the country from the rest of the world – for example like withdrawing from trade agreements, which part 3 will be about.

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