Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar

I was actually finished trying and reviewing all the flavors of Singapore that I’ve never had. But I still had two weeks left in Singapore which meant room for trying two more flavors. I knew that B&J recently developed non-dairy flavors, but I hadn’t tried any of them yet. The question I was asking myself was if it was worth it? Technically it isn’t even ice cream, since it doesn’t contain any cream (non-dairy). So if I tried one of them, would they still be allowed to compete against the other “real” ice creams on my list? Only one way to find out right.. I decided to pull the trigger on the flavor called Coconut seven layer bar. Good.? Read on to find out.


Sweetness balance: 8/10
Sweet. Maybe just 2% too sweet.

Texture: 9/10
Very chunky, I like it!

Lives up to description: 10/10
Perfect execution. I can taste all the elements.

Other considerations (creative flavor pairing, innovative, boldness, etc): 10/10
I must conclude that I’m VERY impressed. Not only is it good – it’s actually better than most of their real ice cream flavors! It’s bold, adventurous, exciting, tropical – it’s got the works folks. From past experience, vegan & non-dairy version of popular foodstuffs often taste like shit, but B&J’s pulled of a miracle on this one.

Overall summary: 37/40 points, which equals a 93% rating. Highest rating so far! Definitely recommend it. I would consider buying it over any of their flavors. And I probably will..

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