Irish coffee

Following the post about café D.O.M, next up is Irish coffee! This is probably the most well known and popular coffee drink. There are a few variations of the recipe, but the original is said to be with Jameson, and brown farin sugar. Brown sugar is also the kind used in the I.B.A (International Bartender’s Association) recipe. Irish whiskey has (in most cases) not the smoky taste so characteristic for the Scottish counterpart. This makes the Irish whiskey a bit sweeter, and pairs better with the coffee and sugar.

Irish coffee

Category: Longdrink
Skill level: Medium
Glass: Irish coffee glass. I have never seen one in a store, but they can probably be ordered online. If you happen to know a bar manager, ask him/her to order glasses from the supplier with the next batch of Irish whiskey. If you can’t find that, use a wine glass.


  • Jameson Irish whiskey
  • Teaspoons of brown sugar (some recipes also use cane sugar)
  • Black coffee
  • Whipped cream


  1. Put 1-2 tsp of sugar into the glass
  2. Add 4 cl Jameson Irish whiskey
  3. Fill up with black coffee. You should leave some room for the cream
  4. Whip your cream. It should be thick but not firm, you should be able to pour it
  5. Pour cream on top of coffee. If you are inexperienced with this procedure, hold a small spoon just above the coffee and pour the cream with your other hand. Pour onto the spoon and let it act as a “shield”. The cream will run off the spoon gently on to the coffee. After you’ve tried that a few times, you won’t need to use the spoon. If you made the cream right, it will layer perfectly without the help of the spoon.
  6. Garnish with 2 coffee beans, and a sprinkle of sugar




In the 1940’s, a group of American passengers were stranded in an Irish airports. It was freezing winter, and the bartender (Joe Sheridan) added whiskey to the coffee to warm his guests. When asked by a few of the passengers if it was Brazilian coffee, Sheridan replied “No, it’s Irish coffee”.

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