Project: Building a workstation PC

I bought my laptop in 2011, and it’s a massive beast with a 19′ screen, weighing in at 4.7 kg (10.3 lbs). Although the screen size is handy, I really regret getting one that’s so big. It’s a nightmare to bring anywhere since it doesn’t fit in a regular backpack, and weighs more than a small tank.

huge laptop

This is how big mine feels.. 

Despite it’s age, it’s still got decent performance – but it’s about time I upgraded. I’ve lugged it around the world on countless trips and it’s always been stable and reliable. However, I do fear that it’s in on it’s last breaths now.

My original summer plan was to rent out my room and live with my best friend in Gothenburg while taking a few summer courses, but that plan crashed when I didn’t get into any of the courses I applied for. One of them, I was on reserve place 1252.. WTH. So I’ll just stay in my city and work instead – which is good for my finances. I can even attend summer support provided by my university to complete a lagging coding assignment, and I’ll dedicate two hours a day to check off a re-exam for multi variable calculus in august. The plus side to working is that I’ll afford to finish the inside of my apartment, and invest in some new equipment, like a desktop and two turntables.


This is what I’m getting. Two Denon VL 12 turntables. Pure DJ porn!

I have learned a lot of new creative skills in the past years since buying my huge laptop (DJing, video editing, etc). And when I recently decided to dedicate my walk in closet into a small home studio, I realized that a powerful workstation was an inevitable and worthy investment. After all, it’s my sound belief that you shouldn’t hesitate to fork out dough to get the best equipment you can afford for the things you like doing and spend a lot of time on.

I don’t have any experience what so ever on how to build a PC from scratch. Thank god for YouTube! After a bit of researching, I found a ton of guides on how to build workstations that could handle demanding tasks such as video editing, music production, gaming, etc. I decided to go with this one.

It will be a fun project to work on during the summer! I’m going to spread out the costs over three month and order one new part each week. The crown jewels will be two 4K resolution screens. I’ve always wanted a high res screen tilted vertically for coding. Really looking forward to starting to but the monster together! I’ve just pulled the trigger on the case.. It’s a Masterbox lite 3.1 from Cooler Master. I’ll order my fans purple to vary the color a bit more than in the video. Let the fun begin!



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