Operation plastic detox step 1: food containers

The first step will be to change how I store my food. This is what I currently use:


When warm food comes in contact with plastic, it’s even MORE likely to be contaminated by these hormone altering substances. That’s another reason to not use a plastic cover in your microwave oven, and never to re-heat the food while store in plastic boxes. After a recent trip to my local supermarket, I am now a proud owner of these instead:

These babies are made of durable glass and can stand high temperatures as well as the freezer. Although the plastic lid is claimed to be BPA free, I’m not taking any chances. The lid won’t touch the food anyway, and I won’t put it on while the food is warm. An added benefit is that I can even microwave my food directly in the glass box now, or even make the individual portion directly in the containers (if it’s an oven dish), which saves dishes to wash! Every week from now on, I will change two of my plastic boxes for two glass ones, and also choose one other plastic thing in my kitchen to change.

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