Getting veneers in Asia: Day 0 – choosing a clinic

I was lucky enough to be born with great teeth. They were symmetrical, white, and provided me with the one characteristic that I’ve received most compliments for – my smile. I’v never had any kind of issues with my teeth. No cavities, holes, pain, etc.


My friend Martin (left) and me (right) working in a bar in Sunny beach, Bulgaria, 2007

Then life happened. I dove into a swimming pool, and hit the bottom with my front teeth. It caused cracks in both my front teeth, and a few years later during work, I accidentally hit my left front tooth when flaring with a bottle of vodka behind the bar. The impact knocked about half of the tooth off, probably due to the crack that had weakened it.

I managed to get it fixed at a local dentist, but I was never satisfied. She made the prosthetic tooth shorter than my other one, which gave me a crooked, asymmetrical smile instead of the one that I was so proud of. I never got used to it, and it always bugged me. During my twenties I also got into the habit of drinking coffee, and that didn’t work wonders for the whiteness of my smile.


Notice that my right front tooth is shorter, giving the smile a slanted asymmetrical look

So I decided that I’d get my act together and do something about it. I did some research and decided that the best option for me was to get veneers. In Sweden, it’s ridiculously expensive, but after reading a book by Tim Ferris where he wrote about medical tourism, I started looking up prices in Asia. To my delight, they were much better. A few years of small monthly savings and I could actually afford it! I made a saving plan and started immediately.

When I had reached the amount that I estimated the procedure would cost, I started to research clinics. There is a website for this called, and I checked clinics in Thailand and Viet Nam. That spring I was conveniently going to Singapore for exchange studies so my plan was to do the procedure after the school semester.

I found a few different establishments that I contacted before going to Singapore, and I received the best answer from Rose Dental Clinic in Ho Chi Minh, south Viet Nam. The answers from them were totally professional, informative, reassuring and non-selly. I decided to choose them after reading all of the hundreds of positive reviews.

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