Operation plastic detox step 4: Shaker

So the operation has come along fine! In part 1 I got rid of the plastic measuring cups, part 2 was adios to the plastic bowls, in part 3 my plastic pitcher became history, and this week it’s also a beverage related item that doesn’t make the cut. I’ve been using this item pretty much daily for the last years and anybody who is working out and taking supplements will recognize it immediately:


Protein shaker. The printing has even become unreadable thanks to a certain frequent forearm motion known as fapp.. sorry, shaking. The biggest problem with these protein shakers, (apart from the plastic contaminating your protein with testosterone lowering chemical compounds like Bisphenol A), is that the plastic really soaks up the smell of old protein. Well, not any more! Here is the replacement:


Say ni hao to Mr. stainless steel high quality shaker with BPA-free lid! This bad ass shaker from SLVRBCK has the following properties:

  • stores 700 ml of liquid
  • has a leak-proof lid with built in filter to help mix
  • screw on compartment for storing more protein or vitamins
  • does not soak up any smell
  • machine-washable
  • holds the liquid’s temperature longer
  • will probably never break from normal use or in your gym bag
  • only costs about 15$
  • does not put estrogen mimicking chemical compounds from plastic in your protein
  •  completely recyclable (should you ever choose to)
  • a cool monkey with sunglasses laser-printed onto the side
  • measurements in the vastly superior metric system as well as the absurd imperial system

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