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Plastic detox project

Overwhelming amounts of data worldwide show the same global trend: Men’s testosterone is lower than it should be. Constant stress, lack of sleep, hectic lifestyles, pollution and a ton of other reasons are suspected to be the cause. the good thing is that most of it is withing ones control. It IS possible to get […]

Aurora club radio show # 11

Show number 11 is out! Check it out below:

Tart wars!

In many parts of China, people like to eat pineapple tarts during lunar new year. It’s something that I’ve wanted to try ever since I saw my friend Sara in my FB feed making them from scratch. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on them recently, as she was kind enough to give me a few.

Tested: Ben & Jerry’s Urban Bourbon

I’m on a personal mission here in Singapore to try all of the flavors that I haven’t seen before. I recently managed to snag a pint of Urban Bourbon. Here is my honest review!

Aurora club radio show #10

This week features a couple of great new songs, blended with older great tunes. 
Artists such as Chainsmokers and Spooks start the show with slower BPM and the tempo increases as time goes on, to finish with some funky and fresh house remixes of R&B tunes

Recension: Framgångsrik Aktiehandel – 10 vinnande strategier

Efter att ha lärt mig privatekonomi och handlat långsiktigt med aktier i ett par år, så känner jag att jag har en trygg kunskapsgrund att stå på. Jag har följt varje nummer av Aktiespararen, läst massor av böcker, och sakta men säkert stärkt min egen privatekonomi. Mina privata finansiella spar-system och budgetplanering har hela tiden […]

2018 personal goals

It’s that time of the year again folk’s! No, I’m not talking about the premiere of the 17th season of paradise hotel. What I AM talking about is planning my year and laying out all my goals and detailed strategic plans for reaching them. This year is looking to be great! I have a lot […]

Review: Cal Newport – How to become a straight-A student

A while ago i stumbled across this interesting little book by accident (or rather, by the smart design of the amazon AI recommendation engine). The book is small, cheap, and has a ton of good reviews – a no brainer. What ambitious student doesn’t want to become a straight A? The book takes a look […]

Tested: B&J’s Cotton Candy

So, I’m on a personal mission here in Singapore to try all of the flavors that I haven’t seen before. Here is my honest review of Ben & Jerry’s Cotton candy! Sweetness balance: 8/10 It’s pretty well balanced this one. Not too overly sweet, just about right on point. Texture: 5/10 A middle grade here. […]

Churchill on unlocking your potential

Let’s face it – people give up to easily. In today’s society of instant gratification, fewer and fewer have the patience for reaping the rewards of hard grinding toward a goal. Young people today are used to getting almost anything by the push of a button. Yet science tells us that to truly become a […]