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Going to see Chippendales!

It turns out that the well known men’s entertainment group Chippendales is coming to my city to give two shows! It’s something I’ve always wanted to see, so of course I was quick to nab 5 front row tickets. I’ll be going with my 4 female friends that own a beauty salon (where I hold […]

Workout program fall 17

If you didn’t know, I’m writing this post in a state of total drunkness. It’s probably the first post I write completely shit faced, but hopefully it will contain my true goals, ideas and thoughts. Enough rambling lol. I just finished watching magic mike XXL while drinking rakia out of a plastic bottle. It made […]

Male stripper’s gear list

As I wrote about in this post, I’m mounting a come back to dancing again. And there are a few things that I’ll need to invest in if I want to make it with a bang! Thankfully I can continue to use a lot of my old gear, but here is a list of my […]

Getting back into the male stripping game

In this category I’m going to write about male stripping and how I’m going about to get back into it. So if you are curious about it, maybe want to try it but don’t know how to begin, this will also serve as a good guide. My closest friends know that I have a background […]