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Aurora club radio show # 11

Show number 11 is out! Check it out below:

Aurora club radio show #10

This week features a couple of great new songs, blended with older great tunes. 
Artists such as Chainsmokers and Spooks start the show with slower BPM and the tempo increases as time goes on, to finish with some funky and fresh house remixes of R&B tunes


Show number 9 follows the “normal” format of the show: A mix of new tunes and older great ones, starting of slower and increasing the tempo and energy. Genres touched in this episode: – R&B – C-pop – Lounge – Funk – 90’s – House – Funky house – Club My favorite track of the […]

Aurora Club Radio show #8 out

Aurora Club Radio Show back with episode 8! This week I went full blown multi genre, so get ready for an hour long set of ear candy with no fewer than 14 different genres! Yes, that’s right. Episode 8 features tracks from a wide array of genres such as reggae, trap, lounge, dance, tropical house, […]