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2018 personal goals

It’s that time of the year again folk’s! No, I’m not talking about the premiere of the 17th season of paradise hotel. What I AM talking about is planning my year and laying out all my goals and detailed strategic plans for reaching them. This year is looking to be great! I have a lot […]

Getting a Korean haircut

I’ve walked by a Korean barbershop here at the NTU campus, and as my hair has grown, so has my curiosity to try the place. Could it beat my best hair experience ever – getting the perfect hair cut from an old, paper thin lady in a Bangkok back alley, without ever exchanging a single […]

Royal DJ Academy: My honest review

So now that it’s been about four weeks since I got my DJ diploma and finished the course and the big question potential students are asking: Was it worth it? This, and every other possible question that comes to my mind will be answered in this honest review. Price Let’s start with one of the […]

Singapore: first 2 weeks updated summary

After being here in this cool country for about two and a half weeks, I figured it would be cool to write a shorter summary of what it’s been like, what I’ve done and update my impressions. My first impressions with Singapore are very good! It’s apparent that they’ve successfully built a well functioning country […]

Royal DJ Academy: Week 3; final two days!

Friday We got to practice our battle sets in Wall club but the teachers were not present. Both Cornelia’s and Karolis sets were laden with quite heavy house, so I purposely chose to start mine with R&B and reggaeton. My plan was to appeal to the ladies in the crowd and then increase the tempo […]

Royal DJ Academy: Week 3; day 2,3,4

Tuesday Tonight I was set to play in Pepe’s bodega. I was very confident from last nights successful performance at Wall! Pepe’s bodega turned out to be much harder. There is a dance floor there and the music is much louder. To maintain the energy and keep people dancing, one has to change songs faster […]

Royal DJ Academy: Week 3, day 1. Club debut!

We met at Pepe’s at 13 to practice our 15 min sets with our teacher Oscar. Tonight we were set to play in the clubs at the bar street alongside our teachers! I was playing at Wall with Jonathan, and Karolis & Cornelia would play at Pepe’s with Joakim and a new DJ (who will […]

Royal DJ Academy: Week 2 summary

Monday Tomorrow is our first test and we have been practicing our sets all day. It feels good! I’m not that nervous. After school we went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit. Later in the evening we decided to eat at a restaurant right next to the hotel. It’s mostly been empty when […]

Royal DJ Academy: Week 1 summary

It’s hard to believe that we have been here for one week now! It feels like 1 month. We have been practicing DJ stuff constantly since we arrived, and all of us have made so much progress! I couldn’t be happier with the academy so far. The teachers take so good care of us. They […]

Royal DJ Academy part 2: Meet the teachers

After a crazy day 1 (or rather night 1), me and Karolis went about exploring the local Rhodes town area around the hotel. That’s one thing I love about traveling – to get to know new areas and explore! We had a good walk and then met Cornelia for food. Cornelia who has been to […]