Dubai day 6

In the morning we decided to try the waffles and pancakes station at the hotel breakfast buffet.

We went back to the huge mall of Dubai for more shopping. Vladimir got a new pair of business shoes, a leather jacket and more clothes. Food wise we felt like trying something new, so we headed for a Persian restaurant called PARS.

Dessert at cheesecake factory for fifth time. I tried to have 2 pieces (DON’T do it..)

Monaco and Vegas have nothing on the amount of fat cars here. Any given time you exit a mall you are bound to see a ton of exclusive rides. When we left the mall we saw an Audi R8, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes g-wagon, Bentley, Rolls Royce all within a 50 m radius.

On our way home we spoke to the cab driver like always. He turned out to be a completely insane Persian man. Filmed him teaching us some Farsi (highlight movie will be off the hook)!
We got ourselves suited up and decided to visit club Vanity and enjoy hiphop & RnB music from DJ stylez.

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I had a white suit and Vladimir Vojinovic a grey. He also wore a zorro-mask that got a lot of attention! Here are a fex pics from the club


Dubai day 5

We started the day by visiting the breath taking view of Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building 828 m high. They had a guy who’s job was to rotate a revolving door by hand.. Can’t think of a more boring job! A lot of tourists at the top. Another Indian guy with a mustache wanted a picture with me. Starting to believe that I might look like an Indian celebrity?

After Khalifa, we went for more shopping. Vladimir Vojinovic bought a blue suit and two cowboy hats, I bought a funny disguise (that will still remain a secret), and a gift for a friend back home. Of course we had dinner + desset at cheesecake factory for 4th time! We got a lot of attention whipping out our masks and the “you should be here”-sign. At the table next to us were a few Philippinos with a selfie-stick. First time I’ve seen that! A lot of people from the Philippines work in Dubai. I understand why, they speak good English and are very service minded.

We headed to Neo’s sky bar on 63:rd floor. On the way there, a taxi driver told us he shares one room with 8 guys and works 12 hour shifts 7days a week. The employer follows his car by gps and if it is still for more than 1 hour they call and press him to drive and find customers. No salary but 35% commission.


I enjoyed a glass Hennessy cognac and Vladimir had a mojito. We took picture with a shady ‘businessman’ from Syria, and got some great secret tips about dubai from the serbian bartender!


Dubai day 4

The day started with a trip to the majestic hotel Atlantis the palm. With more than 1200 rooms, this huge hotel also hosts 16 restaurants & bars, an aqua park and lots of other stuff. The cost of building it? Only a few billion $.

We started with some ice cream flairing at coldstone creamery and goofing around in starbucks and the hotel.

Of course we also visited the aqua park! I can enjoy myself for hours and run like a school boy between all the rides! Unfortunately we didn’t realize that the 45 degree’s hot sun would make the ground of the aqua park scorching hot for our non-flipflop-wearing feet. After about two hours, we couldn’t take any more pain!

Instead, we took a cab to a poorer, more traditional part of Dubai to visit a Pakistani restaurant called Ravi. The food was incredible!

Dubai day 3

We started the day by going to the sister hotel JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel. It was a warm day and we enjoyed some food, and hanging by the pool bar with a mojito and piña colada.

The shuttle bus went back home in the afternoon and we prepared ourselves to have a traditional Arabic meal with live music and shisha. The hotel staff recommended a restaurant called Al Koufa, so that’s where we went.

The place was huge! They had 600 seats and surprisingly enough only one chef..

We ordered a mix of grilled meat and chicken, some dessert and of course shihsa.

I met a businessman from Qatar. I asked him many questions about Arabic culture, work and food. He was very friendly and gave me card and said could feel free to contact him next time I’m in Qatar. On his business card: managing director of petroleum company.. Holding on to that contact! Probably the closest ill ever be to meeting an oil sheikh.


After a while the live music started. The band was way beyond our expectations and we both really enjoyed the Arabic music! The singer looked exactly like Sweden’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

IMG_4983 IMG_4990 IMG_4992

I noticed many Arabic men greeting each other by touching noses. Have to ask more about this custom! Men were dancing to the good music in the restaurant. Number of women who danced: 3. Most women in the restaurant wore the black abaya dress with only eyes visible. And fat designer bags.

Dubai day 2

After a breakfast of different kinds of cheese, cold cuts, egg, turkey bacon, fresh grapefruit and wheat grass juice we headed for the karama market for shopping. Both me and Vladimir Vojinovic accidentally had our flies down at the market until a friendly Indian worker discretely pointed it out. Hope we didn’t offend anybody’s religion! The salesmen in this poorer area were clamoring more for attention, and a guy even showed us into a secret hidden room in his shop.


After lunch we went to the biggest mall of the world, Dubai Mall (1200 shops) wearing traditional Arabic clothing. We received SO MUCH attention, it really felt like being superstars for one day. Everywhere men were coming up to us and shaking our hands and telling us how nice we looked in the robes, giving us pointers, taking pictures, giving high fives, asking where we were from and correcting our head cloth. Even the Arabic women wearing abayas gave us looks and smiles! Night-and-day difference from dressing like a usual tourist. Kids mostly stared. The Arabic people really showed us such friendly and hospitable side! It seemed like we were the only European guys in the whole mall with Arabic clothes. Strange, since the idea seemed so natural to me. When in an Arabic country – dress like an Arab.

The Dubai mall is HANDS DOWN the fattest mall. Nothing can even compare, its truly breath taking and a MUST SEE if you are here. Despite its humongous size we managed to walk by all shops. if you are to lazy the mall has golf carts to hop on and off touring the premises.

The level of service in Dubai continued to astound us. A food court worker GAVE US HIS PERSONAL PASSWORD for the WiFi of the mall – would never happen Sweden. The waiters here are such pro’s. We have never received such service anywhere in the world. Had dinner and dessert at the cheesecake factory. Again. Could hardly walk. Again..

A lot of poor construction workers are working long days in the sun here for minimum wage. When seeing them do that heavy, low paid labor in the scorching sun, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be born in a rich free country, to be attending a free world class high education and in possession of the means to be able to travel the world. I’m SO THANKFULL, and I’m NEVER OVER MY DEAD BODY going to let this opportunity of a good future slip through my hands.

Dubai day 1

We arrived in Dubai at 03.30 and our hotel pickup was waiting for us. It was the first time I’ve been picked up at the airport by a driver – bucketlist check! Check in wasn’t until the morning so we had to wait a bit for our room to be prepared. We were staying at JA Ocean view hotel in the marina, and the first impression of the hotel was amazing. The staff was extremely polite and helpful – very good service indeed. We hung around in the hotel cafe and waited for our room.

After checking in we quickly unpacked and started to explore the hotel! The view from the top floor was great! In a distance you could see the majestic Atlantis the palm.

We proceeded to check out the JBR walk and the beach area. Despite a 45 degree heat we saw women in full abayas carrying lots of shopping bags.

The hotel provided daily shuttle buses to different places in Dubai, one was the mall of emirates. We took a ride there and were blown away completely by the beautiful mall, collection of shops and incredibly enough – an indoor downhill skiing facility! Can only imagine the astronomical amount the mall has to pay for electricity and energy to keep that skiing facility running and the air condition inside.

Ater goofing around the mall we took a taxi home. Taxis in Dubai are relatively cheap and you never have to wait long for one. It was nice to hit the comfortable bed after a long day. The hotel continued to exceed our expectations. How about a selection of SEVEN different types of pillows to choose from when you sleep?