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The slow fall of USA (and rise of China) part 2

In the first article, I laid the foundation for the series, and started by bringing up the shift in environmental policy as the first sign of many that America is becoming not so great. In this second part, it’s all about business and how the presidents actions quickly turned the nation’s top corporate leaders against […]

The slow fall of USA (and rise of China) part 1

I’m very interested in politics. The thing that intrigues me is the political game itself, and the tactics involved. Trying to interpret what really happens, based on history and current motivations. Trying to uncover the strategies and hidden agendas. The power. The high stakes. The alliances. Stuff that goes on behind the curtains. The subtle […]

Politik <3

Varje morgon brukar jag lyssna på P1 nyhetsmorgon och jag ser fram emot en höst av politiska makt- och utspel då det börjar smått dra ihop sig till nästa politiska val. I början av veckan kom vad jag får se som det första tecknet på att valet närmar sig: Nämligen att vi fått en ny […]