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Tony Robbins on quality of life

There is so much wisdom contained in this small sentence from Tony Robbins. If you want to grow as a person and get closer to your dreams, you need to make the conscious choice of deliberately exposing yourself to situations that scare you a little. Step out of your comfort zone! No person ever achieved […]

Shoaff on changing your life

If you keep doing what you always have, you will keep getting the same results. Most people carry on in the same way just “hoping” that their life will change for the better or that they will get their big break. It’s not enough to just hope. The change has to come from within. Once […]

Jim Rohn on success

A short but powerful quote that says so much in just a few words. I believe that the essence of this quote is to emphasize the importance of having a daily routine of actions that make sure you get a little closer to your goals. Take the time to put in the extra effort. The […]

Churchill on unlocking your potential

Let’s face it – people give up to easily. In today’s society of instant gratification, fewer and fewer have the patience for reaping the rewards of hard grinding toward a goal. Young people today are used to getting almost anything by the push of a button. Yet science tells us that to truly become a […]

General Schwarzkopf on taking action

In the back of your mind, you just know what you need to do. What separates the winners is that they want it bad enough do work for it, even if their energy level is low or some other distraction is fighting for their time and attention. Winners and successful people just get it done, […]