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Irritating things that stores do

Sometimes shopping can be a less than pleasurable experience. I’ve personally come across three very irritating things that I find is common in many stores and outlets. Hiding the price tag This really infuriates me. Don’t you just hate when you are shopping for a nice watch, and the price tag is hidden on some […]

Review: Hello Kitty Orchid garden

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Hello Kitty. I have a HK pillow, a HK bracelet, a HK onesie pajamas, and I even tried to get HK to sponsor me for a fitness competition. My plan was simple. I made an Instagram video where I dead lifted 200 kg wearing my HK pajamas, […]

Millennials questionable study habits

Warning: rant coming. If you are a millennial, I would adviseĀ  you to pay attention. Not only to the advice in this post, but attention in general. Because your attention seems to be mostly focused on your phone or laptop. And it’s not something unique for class. Coming to Singapore, I quickly concluded that many […]

I never wear underwear

Yes – you did read that correct. I never wear underwear. At least not underwear of the traditional type such as briefs or tighty whities. And definitely not boxers. I’ve hated boxers my whole life. Not the garment itself, but rather the manufacturers extreme incompetence in regards to producing a boxer short that stays in […]

Workout program fall 17

If you didn’t know, I’m writing this post in a state of total drunkness. It’s probably the first post I write completely shit faced, but hopefully it will contain my true goals, ideas and thoughts. Enough rambling lol. I just finished watching magic mike XXL while drinking rakia out of a plastic bottle. It made […]

Want to work in a club in Greece/Spain/Bulgaria/Cyprus?

I have been asked by old employers if I know anybody who wants to have an amazing summer of memories, working in a club on any of these charter resorts? So if you do, please send me a mail at or call me at +46735111198 Bartenders, waitresses, DJ’s wanted.. The recruitment process for the […]