Going to see Chippendales!

It turns out that the well known men’s entertainment group Chippendales is coming to my city to give two shows! It’s something I’ve always wanted to see, so of course I was quick to nab 5 front row tickets. I’ll be going with my 4 female friends that own a beauty salon (where I hold a resident DJ spot).

The show is a part of the Chippendales tour which is named “Best night ever”. I’m really looking forward to the event, and I’ll likely be the only man in the audience ha ha. The entertainment is definitely marketed toward women but I’m relatively sure they will let me in. After all, it doesn’t explicitly say “no men allowed”, it just says that you have to be over 18 and that it’s prohibited to take pictures or film.

I asked my best friend if he wanted to go, to which he replied “Why would I want to? Seems a bit gay for a guy to go to an event like that and watch half naked male dancers. If I were you, I wouldn’t tell anybody.” Luckily, I had a lot of compelling reasons in my response. Firstly, it’s great entertainment. Secondly, there is probably no good argument against the opportunity to attend an event CHALK FULL of women (and likely NO other guys there) – especially if you are a single, straight guy.. And besides, I’ll be rolling up with classy clothes in the company of four hot chicks 🙂 But the strongest reason for me to attend is to check out the performance. What scene clothes do they have? Their dance moves? The light setup? How do they do the music? Do they use a smoke machine? These will all be great clues for me to work on in bettering my own show. And when I see those guys in great shape doing the performance, it will be a nice motivator to keep working out and making the right choices in the kitchen. When I put it like that, my friend was practically begging me to go along ha ha.

I’ve already got an idea about what outfit to wear. Since I’ll be accompanied by my four hot friends, I won’t deny that it will feel a bit pimpy. So that will be my general theme. I’m planning to boast a deep blue felt fedora hat, blue bow tie, and blue suspenders.

I might also bring my gold snake head cane and even purchase a leopard skin coat that I recently saw in H&M. I’m going to build off of my outfit that I had for my 32nd birthday, as seen in the picture below.

The hardest item to research was the deep blue fedora hat, but it was also the most fun item. I’m personally a hat fan, and there are a ton of good places to look. The difficulty was in finding a hat with the right blue color. A lot of nice hats were blue, but too dark – I wanted something unique that stood out and had a great design as well as build quality. The place I found turned out to be a gold mine: Agnoulita hats. These babies were hand made with the finest materials, using  85 year old traditions. The shop is run by a Greek gentleman Mr. Pappa who is the third generation of owners to carry the proud craftmanship of hat making into this day and age. There I found almost exactly what I was looking for, to a reasonable price as well. Check out the deep blue wide brimmed fedora I ordered:

They have so many nice hats that I want to buy, especially the green color ones are nice. Mr. Pappa can definitely count on having gained a loyal new customer for many years! However, the leopard coat wasn’t an option. I went to H&M to try it on, and it was so small that I couldn’t even get it on. My hopes were once again placed on the vast internet marketplace ebay! I’ve bought tons of stuff there over the years, and I quickly learned that there is no shortage of outrageous faux fur coats there. I did manage to find a Korean wool coat in a deep blue color with a pimpy black fur collar, and I think it will go better with my outfit than leopard print. Just gotta wait for my stuff to arrive and then I’ll post a picture of my outfit 🙂



Workout program fall 17

If you didn’t know, I’m writing this post in a state of total drunkness.
It’s probably the first post I write completely shit faced, but hopefully it will contain my true goals, ideas and thoughts. Enough rambling lol.

I just finished watching magic mike XXL while drinking rakia out of a plastic bottle. It made me miss my friend Vladimir who is usually travel with a couple times a year. Anyway, if I’m serious about mounting a come back to male stripping (which I am), I’ll need to be in shape. So in my present drunk state I created a fast logo for the fall program which will get me back into amazing shape. Here it is (the first image I ever created in photoshop while drunk):


It continues my “fall theme” of male stripping. I haven’t made out all the details of the program yet but since I’ve been working out for 16 years and have a background as an elite athlete and fitness competitor – it’s more or less in my back bone and I know what I’ve gotta do and what my body responds well to.

I’m really looking forward to getting back. I’m not necessarily in bad shape now but I have some work to do. Anyway, I’m working tomorrow and have to be at the university at noon to get help with a programming assignment, so I’ll go to sleep now. Just one more sip of rakia lol. Sayonara..


Male stripper’s gear list

As I wrote about in this post, I’m mounting a come back to dancing again. And there are a few things that I’ll need to invest in if I want to make it with a bang! Thankfully I can continue to use a lot of my old gear, but here is a list of my planned upcoming purchases. Each item will get a post of it’s own where I discuss it in more detail. Have a look at my list – if it were you, would you add anything? Or remove anything? Finished item will be crossed off.

Costumes and preparation:
Sewing machine
Police officer
Security guard
Spanish bull fighter
Construction worker
General white collar worker (black suit)

Entertainment gear:
Party lights rig
Smoke machine
Cream siphon
Dick shaped shot glasses
Strap-on dildo
Folding chair

Other gear:
Electric cooler
GPS system



Getting back into the male stripping game

In this category I’m going to write about male stripping and how I’m going about to get back into it. So if you are curious about it, maybe want to try it but don’t know how to begin, this will also serve as a good guide.

My closest friends know that I have a background as a male stripper. Not doing stage shows or tours like the chippendales, but  the occasional bachelorette party and other private events. Surprised? Don’t be! It’s a super fun way of making good money, staying in shape and giving people lots of laughs and a good time with your performance. Now, I don’t claim to be a professional dancer of any kind – far from it. The last time I did a show was probably 2008 in Bulgaria or 2010 in Spain. I kind of gave it up and forgot about dancing for a few years until I saw the movie Magic Mike on my tablet while waiting in an empty airport lounge in Indonesia.

But to be honest, I’ve missed dancing, and I begun thinking more about it. And then Magic Mike 2 came out and it made me think even more about it! It also made me realize how bad my dancing was compared to the guys in the movie and in male revue shows. So during the spring (2017) I took a hip-hop street dance course to brush up my skills and learn some new moves. I considered getting back into it. But if I was going back – I was determined to make the best of it and not do it half assed..

My first move was to get some experienced mentoring/coaching. So I saved up and took an online course from http://www.howtobecomeamalestripper.com. And I can tell you, it was worth every penny! In the past I just winged it and didn’t really know anything about performing, or how to organize and plan your show like a pro. I showed up to the party, and just acted on instinct. Justin’s course really opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t think about or know – especially ways to greatly increase tips from customers. I’ve gone through his course and I have a plan of action that is going to be a total game changer for me. Can’t wait to test this stuff out! I realize that I’m lacking a lot of props and other equipment, so it’s going to be a very fun journey of slowly attaining new gear and working on routines. And I’m going to document it here on the blog under the male stripping category.

Step 1: Acquire a sewing machine!