Bucket list

Dog sledding
A dream I’ve had since childhood. Will definitely happen in the near future!

Relaxing in a luxurious airport VIP lounge
Nothing beats the feeling of getting the VIP treatment. I’ve always wanted to try one of those lounges!

Stand on the rock overlooking hardangerfjorden
One of the worlds most beautiful places exists in Norway. This is a place I want to visit!

Start a fitness clothing brand
I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve got many ideas for design, and quite frankly I think that the fit of most brands out there is quite bad. I have a very hard time finding workout wear that both fits AND looks good. I don’t even care if I break even, it’s just something I really want. Maybe a spare time project in the future!

Hike fjällräven classic
It’s said to be the most beautiful hiking trail in Sweden and a few of my friends have done it. So will I.

Open a gym
Some time in the future this will definitely happen! My gym will be more of a street gym. Graffiti on the walls, floor that handles Olympic lifting, good lighting, definitely no Rix FM commercial radio. A garage-basement style gym where you train for real world no BS results. Through my 17 years of weight lifting, I’ve been a member of all kinds of gyms. To be honest, most gyms try to target a very wide audience and end up being more like cafes where the members barely exert themselves. But I’ve come across a few gold mines that serve in my memory as models for how mine will be.

Cruise the Caribbean
I turned down a job offer as bar supervisor on a Royal Caribbean celebrity cruise ship in the Bahamas to enroll into Umeå University and pursue my degree. I didn’t regret it, but I definitely want to do a cruise some day, even as a passenger.
Cruise Ship Docked at Ocho Rios

See the the great wall of China
Nuff said.. Who doesn’t?
kinesiska muren 5 basbild

Visit Taj Mahal
By many considered to be the worlds most beautiful building

Dead lift 600 lb / 272 kg
One of the best exercises and markers for overall strength. I’ve pulled ligaments in my back a few times so I’m not taking any more chances of trying to break my PR of 528 lbs (240 kg), but who knows? Maybe some day in the future I’ll reach this goal.

Climb Kilimanjaro
A good decent “climb” to start with! It’s actually more of a very long up hill walk but none the less a decent challenge!

Drive the Pan american highway on motor cycle
From Alaska to Argentina, the ultimate road trip. I will do it, but it’s quite expensive and takes a long time to plan.

Hold the worlds biggest spider in my hand
Goliath bird eater tarantula. The name says it all. Cooler animal is hard to find!

See an anaconda and king cobra
anaconda_snake__1617410a cobra-info0

Visit Octoberfest

Climb El Capitan
A difiicult mountain. Here one needs good climbing skills and it takes more than 1 day to reach the top. One has to sleep hanging on the side of the mountain in special equipment.

Have 1 million SEK on my account
Will definitely happen some day!

Climb Mount Everest
Another child hood dream. Could happen some day!

Fly in a helicopter

Expedition on the Amazon river
I’ve always been deeply fascinated by the jungle and south America.

Photograph animals in the Galapagos islands
Completely unique animals live here, such as diving iguanas. Galapagos is off the coas of south America and is the animal photographers paradise. Also one of the best places in the world to dive. Quite expensive trip though!
uktv-david-attenborough-galapagos-3 free-wallpaper-13

Go the trans Siberian rail road
The worlds longest rail road. St. Petersburg to Bejing!

Start a business [completed]

Have a Singapore sling at Raffles hotel in Singapore [completed]

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