A term I’ve come across is situational awareness. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot, but it wasn’t until  recently that I actually found a term for it. It was introduced to me by Antonio Centeno, a former US marine who runs an online business teaching men about style. I’m doing two of his […]

Zara har alltid varit min definitiva favoritbutik i budgetsegmentet för herrmode. Deras design är mer vågad än H&M, och ofta kan man hitta riktigt coola fynd och speciella modeller. De tar ut svängarna mer och experimenterar med stilar och material. Ett annat budgetmodemärke som på senaste tiden ryckt upp sig REJÄLT i mina ögon är […]

A short but powerful quote that says so much in just a few words. I believe that the essence of this quote is to emphasize the importance of having a daily routine of actions that make sure you get a little closer to your goals. Take the time to put in the extra effort. The […]

It was the last one on my list, and only available in small packages that were part of a box of different flavors. Was it because it’s disgusting, or too good to have it’s own pint? Read on to find out! During the weekend, I bought one of the multi-packs that contained four smaller servings. […]

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Hello Kitty. I have a HK pillow, a HK bracelet, a HK onesie pajamas, and I even tried to get HK to sponsor me for a fitness competition. My plan was simple. I made an Instagram video where I dead lifted 200 kg wearing my HK pajamas, […]

I have confession to make: I’m a cheesecake master. I’m not saying it to brag or boast, merely trying to convey that over the past 6 years I’ve baked hundreds of cheesecakes and experimented with many different ingredients, proportions and methods. So naturally, whenever I come across a product in the cheesecake category – my […]

Warning: rant coming. If you are a millennial, I would advise  you to pay attention. Not only to the advice in this post, but attention in general. Because your attention seems to be mostly focused on your phone or laptop. And it’s not something unique for class. Coming to Singapore, I quickly concluded that many […]

I recently read a great book by Cal Newport, and following up in the same kind of theme was a book by Gary Keller called ‘The ONE thing’. Worth the read? Let’s find out! What type of book is it? This book falls into that category of self improvement / facts! It teaches the reader […]

The mission continues! Since coming to Singapore, I’ve tried almost all of the flavors. It was time to go teeth deep into Boom chocolatta cookie core. How well did it live up to the hype? Read on to find out. Sweetness balance: 5/10 I think it’s too bitter. Texture: 5/10 This one is difficult to […]

Topman: I LOVE YOU! I must confess that I totally dig their male kimonos that hit stores here in Singapore recently. Not sure if it’s a local market thing, but I sure hope that it isn’t – I think that the kimono is one of the most interesting yet unusual garments for men to wear […]