As the summer Olympic games in Rio were rapidly approaching, I for one was absolutely STOKED about watching my two favorite Olympic sports: gymnastics and track & field. That year was extra exciting considering the explosion of social media world wide. I stalked my favorite athletes on Instagram and read their tweets. Particularly gymnastics fascinates […]

Are you one of those who really wants to learn personal finance and take care of your financial situation once and for all? Are you constantly postponing and procrastinating on this, even though you really want to? Are you just not doing it because it seems too complicated and time consuming? If you answered yes […]

So, I’m on a personal mission here in Singapore to try all of the flavors that I haven’t seen before. Here is my honest review of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate therapy! Sweetness: 4/10 It’s more catered toward the dark chocolate lover. I’m personally not a huge fan of chocolate with very high levels of cocoa, […]

Show number 9 follows the “normal” format of the show: A mix of new tunes and older great ones, starting of slower and increasing the tempo and energy. Genres touched in this episode: – R&B – C-pop – Lounge – Funk – 90’s – House – Funky house – Club My favorite track of the […]

In the back of your mind, you just know what you need to do. What separates the winners is that they want it bad enough do work for it, even if their energy level is low or some other distraction is fighting for their time and attention. Winners and successful people just get it done, […]

I’ve walked by a Korean barbershop here at the NTU campus, and as my hair has grown, so has my curiosity to try the place. Could it beat my best hair experience ever – getting the perfect hair cut from an old, paper thin lady in a Bangkok back alley, without ever exchanging a single […]

So now that it’s been about four weeks since I got my DJ diploma and finished the course and the big question potential students are asking: Was it worth it? This, and every other possible question that comes to my mind will be answered in this honest review. Price Let’s start with one of the […]

Aurora Club Radio Show back with episode 8! This week I went full blown multi genre, so get ready for an hour long set of ear candy with no fewer than 14 different genres! Yes, that’s right. Episode 8 features tracks from a wide array of genres such as reggae, trap, lounge, dance, tropical house, […]

After being here in this cool country for about two and a half weeks, I figured it would be cool to write a shorter summary of what it’s been like, what I’ve done and update my impressions. My first impressions with Singapore are very good! It’s apparent that they’ve successfully built a well functioning country […]

Friday We got to practice our battle sets in Wall club but the teachers were not present. Both Cornelia’s and Karolis sets were laden with quite heavy house, so I purposely chose to start mine with R&B and reggaeton. My plan was to appeal to the ladies in the crowd and then increase the tempo […]